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California Intellectual Property Lawyers

ComputerLaw Group LLP, located in Silicon Valley, California, has provided strong advice and assertive legal representation on intellectual property matters since 1985. We focus on serving computer and other high-tech industry companies and professionals, and we intentionally maintain a relatively small size. To provide superior service to our clients, we are highly selective in the number and type of matters we accept.

  • Our attorneys are carefully chosen to provide our clients with an invaluable cross-section of experience in the business, technical, and legal fields.
  • Our small size allows our attorneys to work cross-functionally, in teams, to enhance our legal representation with broader business and technical perspectives.
  • Our small client list gives us the luxury of giving each client high-quality, personalized attention.

Learn more about each of our attorneys by reading their individual biographies, and then contact our offices to schedule an appointment.

ComputerLaw Group LLP: Serving Silicon Valley, Palo Alto, San Francisco, San Jose, Marin County, and the East Bay.

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