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Proficiently Handling Employment Litigation and Disputes in Computer and Other High-Tech Industries

COMPUTERLAW GROUP LLP , handles a wide variety of employment litigation and disputes on behalf of either the employee or the employer.

Our Palo Alto employment litigation and dispute lawyers are available to provide advice and legal representation on many employment-related disputes - relating to intellectual property rights, compensation, and severance agreements:

Silicon Valley Intellectual Property Rights Attorneys Offering a Broad Perspective on Employment Disputes

We approach employment litigation and disputes the same way we handle any concern of our computer or other high-tech industry clients. Our attorneys always look at a client's particular concern with an eye toward long-term business or professional goals. For instance, Jack Russo handles complex employment litigation matters involving intellectual property issues and other sensitive situations.

When you turn to COMPUTERLAW GROUP LLP , for advice or representation in an employment-related dispute, you will receive more than professional and effective advice on your immediate problem. Your lawyers will discuss with you your long-term business and professional goals and craft a dispute resolution strategy that will help you pursue those goals in the future.


The best time to obtain legal advice about an employment dispute is before the conflict reaches the lawsuit stage. If you are concerned about a possible employer-employee dispute - over stock options, compensation agreements, severance, or some other issue - we encourage you to take prompt action. Schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers. Call 650.327.9800 or send us an e-mail.

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