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What Happens When You Prosecute A Patent?

As someone who works in technology or software development, you understand the value of specialization. You would not hire a graphic designer to analyze a program for potential security shortfalls. You would hire someone with a background in hacking or security systems.

Those with experience and education in a specific field will usually be able to perform a complicated task more proficiently than someone with only entry-level knowledge in that area. Given that you already understand professional specialization, it should come as little surprise that getting professional help could be integral to your business as you seek to prosecute a patent.

The right support can help you handle the steps with ease and can help you avoid time-wasting mistakes that could give someone else a competitive edge over your company.

What are the steps in the patent prosecution process?

In order to officially secure a patent, you have to have an original idea. Whether it is a unique kind of artificial intelligence code or a cooling process for computers, you will need to perform a search of existing patents to make sure that your idea is actually unique. This step can be quite difficult, which is why bringing in specialized help can improve your chances of success.

After you determine that there are no patents already in existence for the technology or concept you want to protect, you then need to document your idea. You typically need to write down a description of the invention, along with the names of all the people who played a role in its development.

Providing information about when you made the invention or concept known to the public could also help you if someone tries to file a patent because of an idea they learned about from your company. Once you have all of the paperwork together, you submit your application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Why patent prosecution is so important

Your original idea, unique creation or invention could potentially lead to commercial success for your company. However, the competitive edge your business receives due to your efforts could evaporate if another individual or company tries to infringe on your intellectual property.

Typically, you need to have formal protections in place if you want to attempt to enforce your intellectual property rights. Without a patent, other people could steal and profit off of your concept with little regard for how much you invested.

Understanding the basics of the patent prosecution process will make it easier for you to protect your idea and your company in the future.