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Our Founder’s Law Guidance Gets Your Business Started Right

Every Entrepreneur Imagines a Better World ®

Starting a business is a great investment of time, money, effort, and creativity. To start a successful business takes all of these components and strategic legal advice by a team of attorneys who understand how to help you get your idea off the ground, and then continue to assist you through the use of founder’s law in keeping your business profitable on a long-term basis.

At Computerlaw Group LLP, this is exactly our approach. We take an active interest in using the technical backgrounds, business acumen, and extensive legal experience of our San Francisco founder’s law attorneys at our small boutique law firm to help small business start-ups understand and plan for every protection that will enable them to succeed.

Palo Alto, California, Business Start-up Lawyers

We believe in helping the computer and high-tech small business community grow and thrive in SF and throughout Silicon Valley. We have a strong entrepreneurship program to help start-ups put together and execute a strong business plan that capitalizes on their idea and helps them explore and expand on this brainchild to tap into unforeseen profitable opportunities.

We work closely with the founders of businesses when it comes to every aspect of developing a business from thought to reality. This includes using founders’ law to:

  • Helping founders in negotiations for contract writing with potential partners, vendors, customers, and other third parties
  • Lining up “angel financing” with private investors such as family members, close friends, or trusted business associates
  • Facilitating smooth transactions when partnering with venture capital firms for significant investment opportunities

Our firm can also help founders protect their ideas and leverage using our intellectual property protection services. We understand the importance of the role of the founder of a business. Everything starts and stops with you, which is why we are here to help you protect your idea and help you grow it.

If you own or want to create a small business or start-up and are seeking experienced business counsel, we encourage you to contact our offices for a consultation. Call 650-327-9800 or send us an email today.

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