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Business Negotiations And Licenses For High-Tech Industries

Contracts are the bricks out of which every business is built, and they hold special importance in the computer industry.

Serving the computer and high-tech industries, Computerlaw Group LLP, drafts and negotiates all types of contracts for our clients, including corporate documents and licenses.

Licenses: Get A Higher Value For Your Investment

Once you have successfully obtained intellectual property rights — frequently in the form of a patent, trade secret, or copyright — the next question often involves licenses. The legal concerns involved in drafting a license are often similar whether the license is for the use of software or hardware. One important concern is to continue protecting the core value of the intellectual property while simultaneously creating enough value in the license that it will be financially attractive.

Copyright Licenses In The Computer And High-Tech Industries

Software licenses often involve copyright licenses, and the process of writing and negotiating a software license is in some ways similar to the process of writing a license for any form of printed work.

There are special concerns that arise in the computer and other high-tech industries, however. Because the attorneys at Computerlaw Group LLP, focus on representing technology companies and professionals, we have the domain knowledge and experience to identify those special concerns from the outset, helping our clients negotiate more favorable licensing agreements.

Obtain Experienced Help Negotiating Technology Licenses

Since 1985, Computerlaw Group LLP, has served the legal needs of computer and other high-tech industries in Silicon Valley and around the world. We offer a wide range of legal services to our clients — both established companies and individuals — in technology-related fields.

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