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Starting Something In The Silicon Valley – Real Estate Radio Interviews With Jack Russo

Advanced Cyberlaw Data Protection Strategies

Defend Trade Secrets: Litigation Strategies

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Cyberfraud: What Every Attorney Should Know

Live CLE Webcast August 30, 2019
(Can’t attend on this date? Choose our On-Demand format and watch it at your leisure)

Key Topics to Be Discussed:

  • What is Fraud?
  • What is CyberFraud?
  • What is LinkedIn CyberFraud?
  • What are the consequences?
  • What remedies are available?
  • What are the PROs and CONs of each?
  • What steps must be taken?
  • What steps should be taken?
  • How can lawyers protect their clients?
  • How can lawyers protect their firms?
  • How can lawyers protect themselves?
  • What other techniques, tools, and technologies can help?

To larger and larger extents public and private corporations and large and even small law firms are being targeted by advanced attacks by cybercriminals. One version of this is playing out in the LinkedIn community where professionals provide detailed information about themselves, their firms and their affiliations. What happens when a LinkedIn-based cyberfraud happens to you, your firm or one (or several) of your clients?

Speaker Spotlight:

Jack Russo

Mr. Russo is a frequent speaker on computer law issues and has given presentations to the American Bar Association, the Practicing Law Institute, the Computer Law Association, and the San Francisco Bay Area Intellectual Property American Inn of Court. Mr. Russo serves as an arbitrator, mediator, and early neutral evaluator for the U.S. District Court (N.D. California), the Santa Clara County Superior Court, and the American Arbitration Association, as well as a Judge Pro Tempore of the Santa Clara County Superior Court.

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Lucy Goodnough

Lucy Goodnough is an associate at Computerlaw Group LLP in Palo Alto, California. She has been practicing in intellectual property and business law since 2016 and is a member of the San Francisco-Bay Area IP Inn of Court.

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