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Creative And Effective Resolutions To Business Disputes

Computerlaw Group LLP, serves the legal needs of computer and other high-tech industry companies and professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area and around the world.

Our business litigation practice, however, is broader — we help resolve commercial disputes on behalf of all types of Bay Area companies, both high-tech and low-tech. Computerlaw Group LLP, is frequently called on by our clients to pursue breach of contract or other claims against vendors or other business partners, both within and outside of the computer industry.

Legal Advice For Businesses: From The Ground Up

We prefer to become involved with a business’s operations from the very beginning. Experience has taught us that our attorneys are best able to protect our clients and help them find room to grow when we are able to give them advice from the start.

How a business is started, what organizational form it takes, how it is incorporated — these things can have a great impact on how commercial disputes are later resolved. When we are involved in writing the contracts that the business relies on, we are much better prepared to defend those contracts in any later lawsuits.

Contracts Are The Foundation Of Every Business

Not much business gets done on a handshake anymore. Almost every agreement is reduced to writing — and for good reason. Breach of contract claims occur in business with astonishing regularity. The contract helps establish what the original agreement was before any claim of breach of contract arose.

Representing Either Party In Breach Of Contract Disputes

Contracts of any type can be breached, and our firm does not limit itself to representing only one type of party in breach of contract claims. We are available to represent either the party claiming the contract violation or the party against which the violation is claimed. We have handled breach of contract cases on behalf of individuals, start-up companies, privately-held companies, and public companies.

Contact Computerlaw Group LLP

To obtain professional advice and representation on a business litigation matter, we encourage you to contact our offices to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced business litigation lawyers. Call 650-327-9800 or send us an email to make an appointment.

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