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Experienced Intellectual Property Litigation

Computer and other high-tech industry professionals constantly face the specter of intellectual property infringement. Patents are infringed, trade secrets are stolen, software is copied, and trademarked domain names are violated.

The experienced intellectual property attorneys at Computerlaw Group LLP, focus on planning and protecting the intellectual property rights of these professionals. Since 1985, we have successfully litigated both sides of IP disputes, both small and large. Our clients have ranged from individual entrepreneurs to Fortune 100 companies. The firm has been successful in representing both plaintiffs and defendants in cases which involve multiple litigations in multiple state and federal courts.

A Small Law Firm With A Strategic Focus

We have intentionally maintained a relatively small size to serve our IP litigation clients well. Our SF attorneys work in cross-functional teams without rigid divisions between “litigation attorneys” and “business lawyers.”

Instead, our attorneys work and strategize together. We understand how disputes can be caused by the way a company is founded or the way contracts are written. That understanding helps our attorneys handle intellectual property litigation in a strategic and focused way that keeps our clients’ long-range business goals at the forefront.

A Real-World Perspective On Intellectual Property Litigation

Our San Francisco Bay intellectual property litigation lawyers aggressively protect the intellectual property rights of our clients involved in disputes over patents, trademarks, or copyrights. We are able to offer our clients practical advice on the most likely outcomes to intellectual property disputes.

Many of our attorneys also have experience helping resolve IP disputes as mediators, arbitrators, and early neutral evaluators. The perspective of experienced dispute resolution practitioners can be invaluable to clients selecting goals to achieve during litigation.

Contact Our Patent Infringement Attorneys Today

If you are involved in an intellectual property dispute, or if you are concerned about claims regarding patent or trademark infringement or trade secret misappropriation, we encourage you to contact our offices for a consultation. Call 650-327-9800 or send us an email.